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Lloyd Blankfein (Allegedly) Called Charlie Gasparino A 'Thug.' What Now?

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As mentioned a few mins ago, Charlie Gasparino tells us that Lloyd Blankfein described the CNBC on-air editor as a "thug" recently. It apparently happened at some sort of cocktail type party, at which LB was presumably drinking, and let's be honest: the Goldman CEO could've said a lot worse. Not because it's necessarily true that the Dealbreaker mascot is a "thug," or a "jabroni" or an "intard" (we were making assumptions there about the other stuff LB might've called CG) but because Blanks probably doesn't like some of the stuff Chazza has written about him and his bank. And, getting real for two, let's think about the stuff some of you have probably said or thought about CG. Maybe even mention it below. Right about now "thug" sounds like a compliment, doesn't it? But the point is, Charlie feels unjustly maligned. "I'm a sweetheart of a guy!" he told us in response to the diss, chalking it up to Goldman, like everyone else, being "obsessed" with him.
So, what we're thinking, is that this should be settled, street style. It could be in a ring, which you wouldn't have to ask the almost-Golden Gloves participant twice to get into (we could get Lloyd to do it under the guise of charity, and in an attempt to ingratiate Goldman to the people). It could be a 50-yard sprint. It could be a Top Chef-like cook off. It could be a shoot-out, with actual guns. We're not set anything, and you probably have some ideas of your own that are welcome at this time. The point is, this needs to happen (you know CNBC would air it, and Gasa could probably make some calls and have it shot live from Vegas, what with his contacts).
Photo Credit: Gasparino being declared the victor of his last battle.