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Lloyd Blankfein And Jamie Dimon Save CIT Over Lovely Italian Meal (UPDATE)

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The duo dined together last night at Barbone, presumably choosing the East Village location to avoid attention and/or because of its proximity to Superdive, which Big D had been dying to check out (keg service? Yes please). Goldman Sachs declined to comment. Supposedly the meal was one of pleasure and not business. No word on who paid, or if anyone got lucky, though we do know that a couple of bottles of wine were consumed, upping the odds of something happening. At the very least we're guessing a copping of feel in the cab.
Update, 12:35PM: CIT is the one that got lucky? What we'd thought was an intimate dinner for two sans shop talk seems like it was apparently an emergency Save CIT meal, based on the fact that Reuters is now reporting that JPM and GS are in talks for financing of $2-3 billion, and that Richard Cashin, JPM executive committee member and managing partner at One Equity Partners LLC, which "manages multi-billion dollar investments and commitments in direct private equity transactions for JP Morgan," was there as well.
Update II, 3:20PM: Daily Intel reports what was on the menu: "Cuttlefish with English peas, tomato broth, and Serrano ham-infused olive oil, parpardelle with a beef short rib ragu, pan-seared scallops with lentils and carrot vinaigrette, veal meatballs with roasted peppers, and mozzarella with gremolata. They also had two bottles of wine, one of which was a 1990 Pergole, from Cashin's private stash."