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Madoff Arrives In NC

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Ponz-boy has reportedly made it to Butner, safe and sound, though is said to be apparently in a bit of a mood, having spent the last half hour of the drive from Atlanta giving his handlers the silent treatment after finding out none of his guests will be able to visit wearing the uniforms he had specially made for them. A dozen bike shorts and tee's emblazoned with a "Deez Nuts" logo in the Madoff Securities font are now worthless, thanks to the no spandex, no offensive language rules of the house. He'll get over it once he finds out Ken Lewis is going to sneak in some Schnapps, but right now he's not happy.
Please note that according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, B-boy is still in Atlanta, which either means the employee in charge of updating the system is at lunch or someone's made a run for it. Hopefully the latter, as we could use a good car chase.