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Marc Dreier Continues To Be Upstaged By Bernie Madoff

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Federal prosecutors have recommended to Judge Jed S. Rakoff of Federal District Court that Marc Dreier be put away for 145 years. Obviously this is not something you'd expect would make Dreier happy, and you'd be dead right. He's downright disappointed because once again, the guy's crimes are being treated like no big deal in light of Bernie Madoff who, from day one, has been stealing MD's thunder. Sure, Ponzi Boy ripped off a lot of investors for a lot of money. Big whoop. Dreier freaking impersonated executives, staged fake conference calls, and (probably) molested a few hedge fund managers for his scam. Oh, but nobody cared about that once they heard "fifty billion," did they? And now, once again, no one will get it through their thick skulls that Big D is so much more of a bad ass white collar criminal, and should be punished accordingly. Nothing's official yet, of course, and Dreier is doing his darndest to impart the gravity of his crimes. Sayeth MD in a personal letter to the judge:

"I have already been disgraced beyond anything I could ever have imagined," Mr. Dreier wrote, adding that despite any good he had accomplished in his life, he would "always be remembered as a thief."
"I have lost all my friends," he wrote. "I have lost my law firm, my law license and all that I ever owned. I have seen my family suffer the unimaginable. I have lost my past and my future. I have lost everything a man can lose. And now I will lose my freedom as well, and rightly so."