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Maxine Waters Completely Phoning It In These Days

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A bunch of you have been emailing with glee over the fact that while Maxine Waters is not currently at the Bernanke "grilling," she did get a name check by gal-pal Gwen Moore, who brought up The Rolling Stone Article, which MW had apparently passed on to her (with favorite passages selected and the phrase "giant vampire squid" circled and underlined with a note to "use this").
Unfortunately, we cannot share in your excitement because honestly? What's been up with Max these days? She hasn't brought it in like, forever, and now she's not even here? Has she lost her edge? Has she been planning something HUGE and doesn't have time to waste on bearded fruits (Greenspan's words, not mine) like Bernanke? We need an explanation. And we need this, as a reminder, of the sort of thing we're looking for:

This also:

And for good measure: