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Maxine Waters Has Found The Solution To Lying

Apparently the Consumer Financial Protection Agency is going to do a lot more than just define what products retail consumers will be duped by. According to Mad Max, it will also act as a national truth serum and prohibit people from lying. During a tour rehearsal yesterday, the leader of the David Obey fan club remarked that,"consumers fell prey to unscrupulous loan initiators who put them into subprime mortgages that they could not afford, such as adjustable rate mortgages, Alt-A loans, and liar loans."
Having seen thousands of people give into the temptation to upgrade their income and assets when filling out loan documents, Maxie believes that the CFPA, acting in its capacity as sodium pentothal administrator, "would put an end to those practices". Hopefully she will offer her priceless stamp of approval should the government decide to create the Consumer Personal Responsibility Agency.