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Melissa Francis Throws Down The Gauntlet

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Well now. It seems a website called CNBC Sucks has published a list guesstimating the bra sizes of the network's on-air talent. Obviously this sort of speculation is crass and immature and just barely above the standards we uphold at this site. And yet-- we cannot help but notice that Melissa Francis has not only acknowledged the existence of but confirmed its suspicion that she is a "full C cup."

Will her colleagues be as forthcoming? For reference, here are the estimates put forth. If you see anything that looks in accurate, speak up at this time. It seems that one clearly pops out as being a bit off:

Becky Quick: 34B
Melissa Lee: 34C or 36B
Michelle Caruso Cabrera: 36D or 36DD
Amanda Drury: 34B or 34C
Maria Bartoromo: 36C or 36D