Opening Bell: 07.09.09


White House Ponders Bernanke's Future (WSJ)
"Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is expected to play a key role in advising President Barack Obama on whether to reappoint Mr. Bernanke...Before making a decision later this year, the White House also is expected to look at other economists, including Roger Ferguson and Alan Blinder, former Fed vice chairmen; Janet Yellen, president of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank; and Christina Romer, chairman of Mr. Obama's Council of Economic Advisers."
Exit Package For Wagoner In The Works (WSJ)
It'll probably be around $20 million, though nothing's been decided yet given the "delicate" nature of the situation.

AIG In Talks With MetLife Over Alico
Which would mean $15 billion down, $15 kajillion to go in terms of paying back the government.
Bern To Block UBS Transfer Record To US (FT)
The Swiss will sooner eat the documents than let the US get its mitts on them.
Buffett Lunch Auction Won By Canadian Firm (NYT)
Salida Capital Corp, whose multi-strategy fund was down 66.5 percent last year (but up 83.4 percent YTD) will pay $1,680,300 to dine with the Oracle of O.

Lehman Pays Its Bankruptcy Advisors $262.2 Million
For 9 months of work, which majorly chaps Dick Fuld's hide.
Does Felix Salmon have criminal tendencies? (Reuters)
Felix Salmon would like to know. Not a rhetorical question