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Opening Bell: 07.10.09

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AIG Asks Compensation Cop Kenneth Feinberg Permission To Pay Bonuses (AIG)
"Dealing with AIG is expected to be one of the thorniest tasks for Mr. Feinberg." Which is not to say that dealing with Citi won't be like taking a kabob stick to the urethra, it just won't also have spikes and be administered at the same time as the testicle clamps.

Ex-Goldman Programmer Detailed His Code Downloads to FBI Agent
"I have uploaded files to on multiple occasions over the last couple months," Aleynikov said in the FBI statement.
In France, A Victory For Lance (WSJ)
The Frogs used to hate old One Ball but they're warming to him now. "The thing I respect about him is, he sets himself a goal, and keeps going. He trains like a madman--more than the French," said Sénéchal Béranger. Of course, OB's biggest critic has not changed his opinion just yet, though perhaps they'll bond later this summer over juicing stories.

Goldman Sachs Reverts to Pre-Lehman Risk Mean as Profits Surge
2007 bonuses--or better-- comin' at ya!
Egypt seizes explosives cache in Sinai (Reuters)
Egypt has seized 700 kg of explosives in a mountainous area near its border with Israel, according to a security source.
Is Citi Making Nice With Regulators? (NYT)
Will the recent reshuffling of top management ingratiate the bank to regulators? It's a start, though a foot massage and pedicure for SheBair, administered by Pandit while he talked about the FDIC chair in Korean to his colleagues at the nail salon, would've sealed the deal.
Sky Capital Hit Brits (NYP)
Ross Mandell and colleagues took 400 or so British retail investors for a ride during their decade-long scam.
SEC Calls for Calif. IOUs Treated as Securities (NYT)
Securities and Exchange Commission recommended Thursday that the IOUs, which carry an annual interest rate of 3.75 percent, be regulated by the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board as a form of municipal debt.