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Opening Bell: 07.14.09

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Where The Hell Is Madoff Going To Live? (Bloomberg)
He's in an Atlanta penitentiary right now, which Bloomberg seems to believe is permanent, while others are thinking it's just a layover en route to North Carolina.
All Going For Goldman: Dick Bove (CNBC)
"We think it'll get to $200 by the end of this year, and we think that's just a weigh station on the way to an all time high of $250 by the end of next year."
Goldman Executives Sold $700 million of stock (FT)
Do it, Maxine. GET ANGRY: "For the eight-month period for which figures are available, Goldman partners sold more than $691m in company stock, even as the firm expanded its public float from 395m to 503m shares in several capital raises."
NY Probe May Have Stalled Rattner (NYP)
What's this you say? SRat's decision to step down might have had something to do with Andrew Cuomo's investigation into some shady business on the part of the car czar, and his horrible taste in movies?
Corzine Expected To Pick Apprentice Winner For Lt. Governor (APP)
That's right, Papa Bear JSC is probably going to name Randal Pinket, winner the fourth season of "The Apprentice" as his number two, with Donald Trump serving as head of grooming and fluffing for the state.
Judge Gives UBS and U.S. Time to Seek a Settlement (NYT)
Karina Byrne, a UBS spokeswoman, called the delay a "positive development" that provided an opportunity "to come to a potential resolution" which will, fingers cross, involve the Swiss going back to business as usual re: tax evasion.

BlackRock to Earn At Least $71 Million To Oversee Maiden Lane
Thank you, Bear Stearns and AIG! Couldn't have done it without you.