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Opening In Cast Of Wall Street Sequel

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Don't get too excited just yet-- Shia LaBeouf is still committed to this thing. It's Javier Bardem that's dropped out due to scheduling conflicts (a RomCom with Julia Roberts), leaving an opening for the role of the "villainous hedge fund chief" (a short seller, natch), who ShiLa somehow gets in his head is responsible for the suicide of his mentor (Dick Fuld*).
Obviously this is quite disappointing to those of us who were hoping the "evil short" would be a guy who walks the trading floor with a captive bolt pistol and can pull off a bowl-cut. Fox hasn't announced an alternative actor, presumably because they've yet to come up with one, which is clearly where we come in. One London trader told Forbes the part calls for a thespian who can do the whole "emotionless expression" thing, since "successful traders need a bit of a steely demeanor where nothing shakes you, and he epitomizes that." We could go in that direction, sure, if we wanted to be unimaginative fucks, or we could go with someone who could play an eccentric, should the role call for losing it at the drop of a hat, smashing computer screens, riding Zambonis around the office, and tap dancing on the desk, all in the course of one trading session. Ideas?
Bardem Snubs 'Wall Street' Sequel [Forbes via Dealbook]
*We've yet to see a script, and we're not even sure if a final one has been completed but
who among us can say there wouldn't be some comedic value there?