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Party At The Madoffs?

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As you might've heard, Ruth Madoff has been forced to hand over the keys to her East 64th Street penthouse, home in Palm Beach and Montauk summer place, on account of the pads being bought with the ill-gotten gains of Ponzi Nation. But perhaps the Feds allowed the family one last rager before changing the locks? Or US Marshalls threw their own welcome to the neighborhood soiree? Or Bernie busted out for the weekend, having figured, what's the worst they can do to me? From the mailbag:

I went for a run Saturday night on Old Montauk Highway, and there was definitely something going on at what I have always understood to be Madoff Manor. Event planner-type trucks, some tents, etc. Can't tell whether it's a high-end "moving out" event, a farewell bash, charity gala for Ruth, documentary film on the Mark and Andy's bass fishing or what. The house itself is a quite a bit off the road (right on the beach), so I couldn't really make out what was going on, but there was a lot of activity in the driveway area. The production equipment and pylons are marked "Wits End," which I think is some truck/equipment rental outfit in Long Island City. I have no idea what it's all about but looked like it might've been a good time.