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Please Say Hank Paulson

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We very much enjoyed Joe Hagan's New Yorkcover story on Goldman Sachs, the take-away being that the Masters of the Universe just do not care what anyone says about them, so long as you step out of the way when the dump trucks of money pull up to the building. One thing we would like to know, however, and this is an actual question, is who said the following (we don't imagine Hagan will give up his source, but perhaps one of you could identify the man or woman being cited):

As another Wall Street veteran familiar with the firm's mores puts it: "The god is Goldman. You subjugate yourself to that god, and in return we will make you a gazillionaire."

We're not debating the substance of the quote, but the word choice. What Wall Street veteran would actually use the term "gazillionaire"? A veteran summer analyst? A veteran stoner? And if one is going to throw "gazillionaire" out there, why not go a bit further? Was "kajillionaire" deemed too much? Did "in return we will make you a metric-asston-aire" seem silly? But "gazillionaire" worked?