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Prison Expert: Madoff's Fellow Inmates Are Probably Going To Rile Him Up With Trash Talk About Ruth's Rockin' Ass

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The Journaltalked to prison expert Steven Oberfest, a partner with, yesterday about what Bernie Madoff's time behind bars will be like. Not good, according to Stevie-boy, who says he doesn't see the noted Ponzier "functioning well there." What Oberfest is most worried about is the fact that unlike less famous criminals, everybody on the inside knows who Bernie is, what he's done, and intimate details about his life and his family, thanks to many, many media reports. Particularly troublesome to Steve-O is that Berns's wife has been written about almost as much as her husband, and the fact that she is one hot piece of ass.

"I'm concerned for Madoff. There is so much info about his wife. His wife's name. His kids. All this stuff is out there. When you are in there and around a group of people, they will say things like, 'Hey, I hear Ruth is a real hot babe.' Things like that," he said. "It's like a big poker game. He's walking in with his cards showing and everyone else is holding their cards. He definitely goes in with a disadvantage."