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Recession Not Exactly Doing The Trick Out East

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As you're aware, one of the benefits of a financial crisis like the one we're in now is that it's designed to extinguish, or severely curb, the amount of self-important douchebags in your direct line of vision. Unfortunately, the mechanism of change doesn't work quite as well in the Hamptons, where mostly everyone S's D, save for some of the very special residents Further Lane. Now, those who have "survived" the recession (*on their own terms or on the generosity of others, the example below presumably being the latter) to make it out for another season are congratulating themselves for the accomplishment, and also asking for someone to casually walk by and drop a hand-grenade on where they've been hanging, wiping out all the "certain kinds of people" assembled in one fell swoop.

"Whatever you want to say about the economy, the fact is, it's more selective in the Hamptons this summer," says one young lady at Day & Night who asked to be named. "It's only a certain kind of person coming out here now, and honestly, that is the kind of person I want to be around."

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