Rep. Issa: Paulson Will Be "Received Somewhat Cruelly"


[via The Hill]
Representative Issa went on Fox Business today to discuss Hank Paulson's hearing tomorrow regarding threatening Ken Lewis over the Bank of America/Merrill deal, whether doing so was 'appropriate' or not and so on and so forth. The ranking member of the Oversight and Government Reform committee said that, based on leaked testimony from Paulson, in which the former Treasury Secretary says fuck hell yeah we threatened Ken Lewis, but it was totally appropriate, Issa and his fellow congressmen and ladies will have no choice but to go hard on the guy. Considering that even when they like a person who categorically did nothing wrong, Team Congressional Crazy yells, berates, cuts off, and just generally gets lays an insane amount of self-righteousness on the ass of whoever's in front of them, what could we possibly expect is in store for HP? Maxine's not even on this committee but perhaps she'll be brought in specially for the event? And is currently tied up in a House supply closet chewing on a piece of leather in anticipation of the big show? Obviously it's going to have to be something good, since, I don't know if Issa and Co know this, they're dealing with the god damn Hammer, from whom they'll have no protection once the hearing adjourns. Not scared? Talk to Ken Lewis. If he's feeling strong enough to speak about it yet.