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Richard Perry Will Burn Your Eyes Out With His Bling

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At left is the sculpture Richard Perry and his wife, man-purse designer Lisa had installed on their terrace at 1 Sutton Place South in 2007. Nobody had much of a problem with the piece-- a Jeff Koons, worth a few million or so-- back then but lately the garish display has started to stick in the craw of Perry's neighbs, for two reasons. First, they think it's hideous. "I think it's as ugly as it comes," said Juergen Thieme, who lives across the street at 2 Sutton Place. And second? It's freaking blinding them.

Neighbors who live across the street in a penthouse at 14 Sutton Place complained that the light reflecting off it was burning like lasers through their windows, and workmen had to adjust the diamond's positioning, a source said.

It was one thing when a certain art loving hedge fund manager had a crane dump a diamond encrusted money sign the size of a football field on the roof of his Greenwich-area manse, disrupting gravitational pulls and distracting planes flying overhead. But this? This is quite another.
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