Robert Shiller, Westchester-Area Realtor Rub Tim Geithner's Nose In It


[via Barry]
Listen. We've talked about Tim Geithner's housing troubles at length. The elfin Treasury Secretary and his wife Carole bought the Larchmont Tudor in 2004 for $1.602 million. Then buddy boy got a gig in DC and they tried to sell it March for $1.635 million. When that didn't take, the price was dropped to $1.575 million. No dice. T. Geith was reduced to renting the place out for $7,500/month, which many have helpfully pointed out probably doesn't even cover the li'l fella's mortgage payments. So does he really need some hussy in a pantsuit going on TV and shouting it out that this thing is never gonna happen? No, he doesn't, and dollars to donuts the first thing he thought while watching this segment on TDS last night was, "Lady, I'd like to tie you to the back of a fucking truck." The pity from Shiller is nice, but a little embarrassing and likely caused the tips of TG's ears to turn red, as they're prone to do when he's just been humiliated. Let's just give the monumental failure (at house slinging) some room to breathe, okay? (And time to re-tile the bathroom, which Shiller notes is absolutely ghastly, and probably the reason no one will buy the place.)