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Ruth Madoff Spanish Harlem-Bound?

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On Monday Ruth Madoff got her passport back which will come in handy when the old girl moves all the way up to East 90th Street. The Postreports that Ruthskie's real estate broker was spotted checking out a 1-bedroom, 481 square foot condo in the Trafalgar House. The place would cost Mrs. Bernie $465,000 plus a ton in renovations (the floors need to be refinished, the ceiling is missing chunks of plaster, the walls are scuffed and the kitchen features Formica counters), assuming the building's residents don't block her from moving in, which it sounds like they might ("Oh, my God, that would be so horrible," one resident was overheard saying. "We don't want that tension in here"). With only $2.3 million to live on, it's one of the few places within her price range, but there won't be much left in the way of spending money, so she will be relying on a gentleman caller to cover dinner/nights out. Sign up now, and be the first to take her to the local White Castle.