SheBair Has Seen This Before

Being in charge of the agency that deals with failed financial ideas and business models, SheBair can probably spot a disaster waiting to happen pretty easily. In response to the forthcoming CFPA rallies next month (hopefully including one outside of 85 Broad), the FDIC Chairwoman is already trying to limit the powers of an agency that has yet to be created, Undoubtedly terrified by the vociferous support for the CFPA from you-know-who, SheBair is recommending that the agency be put on permanent back-up duty and leave the matter of consumer protection to bank regulators. Congratulations Maxine- the prospect of having a piece of banking legislation that you staunchly support pass may have actually scared bank regulators into waking up and protecting the financial system.


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Ummm, Has Anyone Seen Thad?

We seem to have misplaced the intern.