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Sir Stanford Takes Issue With Conditions Behind Bars

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A lawyer for Sir Allen Stanford has appealed a judge's decision to keep his client in the big house pending trial. Why? 'Cause Stanfords weren't meant to be cooped up behind bars like criminals! They need the space to stretch their shit out, drop weights for attention, and run free! But not run, like, in the flight risk sense. No, that would never happen, because Big Al's innocent. Got nothing to run from and suggestions to the contrary will result in a punch to the mouth. Getting real for two, attorney Dick DeGuerin realizes there's not a chance in hell that Stanford will get to go home ahead of his court date, but if he could be place in a more comfortable prison, where the duo could plan what's sure to be an air-tight defense (this is a case of regulators just being jealous they weren't the 405th wealthiest person in the world) without prying eyes looking over their shoulders, that'd be top notch.

DeGuerin also filed a motion requesting that Stanford be transferred from the Joe Corley Dentention Center in Conroe to a federal detention center in Houston.
In the filing, DeGuerin said that the Conroe facility -- besides being 43 miles from his office -- does not allow proper attorney-client visitation considering "there is a Plexiglas window and small steel mesh hole through which an inmate and lawyer must speak and be heard," and also limits attorney-inmate phone calls and does not allow Sunday visitation.
By contrast, according to the filing, the Houston jail provides a secure room "with the ability to have a meaningful review of documents and papers."