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Stephen Baldwin Falls On Hard Times Junkie Tenant Can't Pull Him Out Of

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By now you've likely heard the terrible news: Stephen Baldwin, pictured above in better times, has filed for bankruptcy. The bro of Alec owes $1.19 million on two mortgages and almost $1 million to the IRS on taxes as far back as 1999. Since the shilling for God thing really hasn't panned out like Baldy thought it would, we're looking at some pretty bleak scenarios. Alec's not offering a bailout, who knows what Billy thinks of all this and what's most upsetting is the fact that up until a few weeks ago, there actually was one guy Stephen could've called on to cover him with cash, just for the time being. Obviously I'm talking about the heroin dealer who was living in Baldy's guest house, who was arrested on July 9. Now with the purveyor of smack locked up, who knows what's gonna happen. Also, since we know this kind of stuff happens in threes, which reality TV/sports/meth addict star is next? L-Dykes, Baldwin, and who? I'm sure one of you pricks would just love to say Gary Busey but I'll have you know The Buse keeps his finances in exemplary order and would never get into a situation like this.