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Subprime Borrowers Have An Issue With People Not Telling The Truth

Liar loan originators are experiencing a rebirth thanks to many of their old clients. With subprime borrowers as desperate to modify their loans today as they were to obtain them several years ago, flipping the switch from dubious lender to dubious loan modifier has been an easy transition for many subprime participants. This scheme is lucrative enough that it has even received highly coveted Mozilo family participation. Chris Mozilo, nephew of the orange one, recently set up eModifyMyLoan which sells loan modification application software to individuals who are looking to throw away even more money on their way to being swindled. Having been lured in by staggering (and made-up) modification success rates, subprime borrows are now up in arms their loans shockingly did not make it into the 90% success bucket and want blood. Apparently it's one thing to lie about every single piece of personal financial data to obtain a loan; it's quite another to be lied to when your work of fiction comes back to bite you.