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T. Boone Pickens Regains Credibility By Stealing Part Of A Driveway

Former oilman and current amateur wind farmer T. Boone Pickens has graduated from losing investor money legally to flat out theft. In his younger years, and sensing his own greatness, TBP liked to do things like signing his name in wet concrete on his grandmother's driveway. Now, like most sane 81-year olds, TBP is going from driveway to driveway reclaiming his early artistic works in concrete for nostalgia's sake.
It turns out several weeks ago three little gnomes showed up at grandma Pickens' place armed with cement saws and pry bars and removed the 3x5 section of the driveway with the signature. With the stolen driveway firmly in hand, a TBP spokesman calmly explained why the billionaire has turned into the repo man in his old hood.

"He carved his name in that cement 70 years ago, in his grandmother's driveway," the statement said. "It means a lot to him, and is now with his childhood home which has been carefully restored and relocated to his ranch in the Texas Panhandle to help commemorate his Oklahoma roots."

Now when he breaks his gaze from the colony of windmills that will define his current legacy and looks down to the ground, he'll be reminded of exactly who to blame.
Homeowner wants oilman Pickens charged with theft [Washington Post]