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T. Boone Pickens Runs Into the Buzzsaw Of Reality

Having licked his wounds from last year's billion dollar wrong-way bet on the price of oil, T. Boone Pickens has already suffered a set back in his foray into wind farming. The oilman's centerpiece for getting the US off its foreign oil addiction was supposed to be the construction of the world's largest wind farm in Texas. However, like most projects utilizing the shoot-fire-aim methodology, the sobering constraints of reality (lack of transmission lines in this case) have made T. Boone re-think his wind empire. Somehow lost on TBP was the fact that after generations of getting fat and happy on foreign oil, this country is a tad light on the infrastructure necessary to make a real change in energy sources. Next stop on the TBP green energy train, harnessing the power of positive thought.
Pickens Drops Plan for Largest Wind Farm [NYT]



T. Boone Pickens Is Mortal, But BOON Shall Live On Forever

The wildcatter-cum-cowboy-cum-corporate-raider-cum-energy-hedge-fund-manager will corporally transform into an ETF.