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The Hits Just Keep On Coming For Stephen Baldwin

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On Tuesday, the awful news came out that Stephen Baldwin joined Lenny Dykstra on Team Bankruptcy. Alec and Billy seem to not give a rat's ass about their brother's financial situation, offering nothing in the way of a bailout. Stephen's good friend and tenant, a heroin dealer, was recently arrested and will not be able to lend Baldy any proceeds from his crack slinging business. And now, we've learned that Stephen was forced to give up his spot on the reality TV show, "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" after being attacked by wild animals. That's right, people-- Baldwin says he exited the show after receiving more than 125 insect bites in eight days.
According to Baldy, the bites were so bad that he had "an extreme allergic reaction that caused him to lose sleep and 22 pounds." What we're getting at here, is that Baldwin is really in a bad spot. He's clearly in no position to work, at time when he could really use the money. It's time to get charitable. It doesn't have to come from your checkbook, though that would obviously help. Something as small but meaningful as rubbing on some Calamine lotion to reduce the swelling would mean a lot. He'd do the same for you.
*Which sounds really bad if you're a celeb or pussy but at some the more hard-core hedge fund in the bunch is merely a standard exercise for non-performing PMs or when the big guy just wants to have some fun.


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