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The (Old) General Motors Going Out Of Business Sale Is On

As the new GM prepares for battle armed with the old GM's "best assets", the rest of the pie is being auctioned off in bankruptcy court. Among the items awaiting bids is a foundry in upstate New York best known for the hazardous waste it generated seeping into a river by a Mohawk Indian reservation and then moving "up the food chain through fish and into Mohawk women -- into their breast milk, into their babies." If that doesn't scream 'buy' to you, there is another item from the automaker's portfolio that may warrant your attention.

The 9-hole Hyatt Hills Golf Course, the "best conditioned nine-hole course in New Jersey", is looking for a new owner. The par 36 course plays up to 3,350 yards and includes a pond which "will become the course's 'amen corner'". After decades of setting the gold standard in operating inefficiency, the day has finally come when a GM spokesman has proclaimed "The new GM hardly needs to be in the golf course business".
GM to Hold a 'Garage Sale' for Hazardous Plants, Golf Course [Bloomberg]