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The Real Crisis With The California Budget

As California lawmakers vote today on the proposed $15 billion solution to the $26 billion problem, the Governator may want to consider sticking to the ongoing efforts to make the IOU the common currency. In a state where a "native" is somebody that moved there more than 5 years ago, some of Arnold's proposals may make even the most diehard transplants think twice about whether or not the California lifestyle makes up for the state's fiscal idiocy.
Two of the more desperate plans under consideration to save money and sell everything it can to raise cash are releasing up to 27,000 prisoners and allowing new drilling for oil off the coast of Santa Barbara. With the recent passing of tax legislation on medical marijuana in Oakland, the state find itself one step closer to legalizing and taxing pot altogether. At this rate, the true image of the Golden State will be a bunch of baked ex-cons surfing through black sludge on their way back to squatting in foreclosed McMansions.