Things Are Seriously Looking Up For Bernie Madoff


First we get word that Ponzi-Boy, besides being in desperate need of a haircut and some manscaping, is having a pretty okay time in prison. He's got a job (engraving desk and door nameplates-- maybe he'll do yours!), he's working out, and most importantly, he's making friends and earning respect. And now, there's a possibility Berns will have a bill named after him. Could you ask for more? It was introduced by Republican Assemblyman Jim Tedisco last night and would force "wealthy" inmates (Tedisco wants this to include those who are worth $200,000 or more) to foot the bill for their time behind bars, instead of putting it on the taxpayer. It's not necessarily something you'd die to have your name tacked on to but it's a start and from here branding opportunities are really limitless (Jimmy Cayne is apparently working on a strain of weed named for the Big Guy), with the Ponz-Master, of course, taking a cut. Action figures, cologne, a line a meat sauces if you want to think inside the box, but obviously we don't, so dream big.