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Things Looking Both Up And Down For A Freed Jeffrey Epstein

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On the one hand, the massage enthusiast has officially been let out of prison today, after spending the last year of his life locked up for soliciting minors to stand awkwardly next to him while he jerked off into a towel (it was actually his assistant/social director who lined up the girls but details). So that's got to feel pretty good. On the other, he's got a bunch of lbs to lose (Bubba told him he'd regret the Hersey Bars, Peanut Butter Squeezer, and Li'l Chub Sausage) in order to get back to his fighting/tail chasing weight, some legal battles to deal with, including a recent suit that he made a "sex slave" out of a 15 year old, and an allegation by John Carney that Epstein is running a Ponzi scheme.
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