Tim Geithner To Testify On Bank Of America-Merrill Deal?


[via The Hill]
If Representative Patrick McHenry has his way. The Congressman from North Carolina (one of KL's drinking buddies?) went on Fox Business to argue that this thing is not over until we get to hear from the then NY Fed chair, re "what he did, what his actions were," and whether they entailed backing up Paulson's threat (and/or making his own) or clutching his knees and crying while rocking back and forth on the floor of his office.


Tim Geithner Is Not Leaving This Fiscal Cliff Deal To Chance

Yes, he said that he'll stay 'til this thing gets done but FYI, he's already booked a one-way ticket out of this dump and it's nonrefundable, so if you think he's gonna just stand by while you people fumble around and fuck everything up, thereby prolonging his stay in this asylum one day longer, think again!