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Today In Amanda Drury Cleave

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A few weeks ago, while guesting on CNBC-Englewood Cliffs, CNBC-Asia's Amanda Drury displayed an aggressive amount of cleave. So much so that it had to be noted. She went home after that and we decided we were going to initiate a new daily feature called "Today in Amanda Drury Cleave," since the wardrobe department was clearly dressing her to meet a request filed by you people, and because sometimes we need easy, breast-y posts and we can't always make them about Mark Haines. I don't know if Drures was embarrassed by the attention, or if network censors deemed the cut of her shirt to be inappropriate but since that day, she's been buttoned up to the extreme. I know this because every single morning I have dutifully gone through CNBC Asia clips featuring AD, on mute of course, looking for signs of cleave. Nothing. Nada. Yesterday, and this is not an exaggeration, she might as well have been wearing a loose fitting turtleneck. But then! This morning, a sign of life:

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Drury is
scheduled to be back in Englewood Cliffs for two weeks in August. It's unclear if today was indication she's gearing herself and the Druries back up for battle; while it's nothing like the effort put forth on D-Day, from your lips to D's D's, it's a welcome start.