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Treasury Cancels Plans To Put Cartoonist On Payroll

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This is not the way we wanted to end a summer Friday but so be it. It's slit your wrists time in DC, people. I honestly don't even know how Geithner's team, clearly in need of some sort of release via comedic relief, can be expected to work anymore. I hope the Senator who put the kibosh on this realizes any progress we may have made getting out of this mess will now be compromised. The one glimmer of hope is that we're told there might be the possibility of one of those street artists who does the caricatures of tourists coming in once a month, but it's not the same and you know it.

The Treasury Department is scrapping plans to hire a cartoonist to lighten the mood of its employees who manage the nation's $1.2 trillion debt, after a senator questioned its merits. The effort was canceled because it had become "more of a distraction than an opportunity," an official said.
In a federal solicitation issued earlier this month, the bureau said it was looking for a contractor to conduct two, three-hour presentations for its employees on the benefits of humor in the workplace and the connection between humor and stress relief. The contractor would have to be able to "create cartoons on the spot" about jobs at the bureau, the solicitation stated.