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Tricked Out Carriages Doom Lender

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Wall St. should be blushing. The tale of people living above their means, pimping out their vehicles, buying second homes and expensive horses, and then almost wiping out a local financial institution due to a cash squeeze is not restricted to the 212 area code. None other than the Amish also got in on the action.
For the Amish in northern Indiana, it started innocently enough. First they were allowed to give into the seduction of the telephone. Then the yearning for fax machines was given the green light. Before you knew it, the guys at Orange County Choppers were fitting carriages with dark velvet lining and battery powered LED lighting. But when the RV industry that fueled the drunken sailor spending hit the wall and started laying off workers, the Amish had a good ol' fashioned bank run on their hands and the local Amish lending cooperative saw its reserve fund wiped out. Sadly, the "plain people" are plain once again.
A Bank Run Teaches the 'Plain People' About the Risks of Modernity [WSJ]