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Trouble At JPMorgan

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Things have been going pretty, pretty, pretty well for JPMorgan lately. Unlike the so-called devil worshipers at 85 Broad, the bank was allowed to enjoy the success of the second quarter. Its pin-up CEO he has to beat off the press, the people, and the president with a stick. And security has finally successfully gotten Jimmy Cayne to stop loitering in the alley behind 383 Madison Avenue where he was accosting SeamlessWeb delivery guys during munchie runs. Things couldn't float on effortlessly forever, though, and last week, the Dimonettes' good luck streak hit a bit of a snag. And by snag, I mean flesh-eating beasts.

The House of Dimon has been hit with a bedbug infestation on the 8th floor. A sales person had the problem at home and a week later the critters were spotted on the trading desk. Now JPM is bringing a specialist into the building and employees' homes.