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Unfounded Rumor Of The Afternoon: JPM Intern Worked Into Seizure

DB is hearing that an intern in the Natural Resources IB Group at JPM, having likely pulled consecutive all-nighters to complete a "Homework Project" that was in addition to the intern's daily duties, collapsed into a seizure last week. We hope the intern in question is OK and are awaiting further details.
Update I: The intern is reportedly OK and has provided a good excuse for the House of Dimon to launch another investigation into the general work/life balance of summer neophytes. JPM will look to improve on their prior upgrades which included adding more healthy snacks in the vending machines- which were later removed because they posed a fire hazard.
Update II: The intern had apparently been working for 3 days straight before the convulsions began. Those not seizing were given last weekend off in light of their fallen comrade.