Update From Vegas: Things Getting Off To A Slow Start


Since one of you asked (and the rest of you want to know): Charlie Gasparino has checked in to inform us that his time so far in Nevada has been "incredibly boring," presumably because Kudlow, who was supposed to get out there last night, will not be arriving 'til tomorrow. Left to entertain himself, all the big guy has done is punish his lats at the hotel gym, and eat at "some Japanese restaurant" where he can tell they're hurting for money, on account of the "extra six dollar charge" on his bill. He inquired what was up with that and was told by the "good looking gal behind the bar" that the staff had taken the liberty of throwing some extra vodka in his drink and billing accordingly. As of this morning, CG says he's yet to hit up "any strip clubs, dancing girls or slots," though clearly he could be lying and obviously LK does not board planes headed West without the expectation of waking up sans pants in Wayne Newton's cigar room, on a slow night.