Was The Russian Sending Goldman A Coded Message?


That this is what happens when you f a stranger and/or employee in the ass? In the figurative sense of not compensating him as much as he thought was deserved (we can't speak to whatever off the clock relationship Aleynikov had with Lloyd Blankfein)? Matthew Goldstein, who broke the story, says yes.


Would You Take A Blood Test To Rule Out Food Poisoning If Your Sandwich Was Missing A Piece Of Avocado? Or Is That Just This Goldman Code Case Juror?

You never know when you might be faced with a similarly scary situation and might want to contemplate how you'd react now.

When The History Books On Sergey Aleynikov Are Written, They May Include Transcripts Of A Heated Debate About An Avocado And A Sandwich

"Hey, what the hell are you doing with that avocado?!" "I KNOW you didn't just put a piece of lettuce on my sandwich??" [A struggle over deli meat ensues]