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Where In The World Is Ruth Madoff?

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We ask not because we're woman-haters but because we legitimately would like to know (DB field trip? Yes, please). When Feds seized her penthouse last Thursday Ponzi girl took off with just one bag, headed for an "undisclosed location." She's yet to convince someone to rent her an apartment so for now Ruthskie is presumably relying on the kindness of strangers, on account of the fact that her sons, currently summering on Nantucket, refuse to take her in, despite having the space. She had to surrender her passport while Bernie was under house arrest but I think she got that one back, and could be anywhere. Let's get real for two and figure out where. Shacking up with Richard Cohen, who's been begging for it? Counting cards in AC? Negotiating a contract to appear alongside Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew in a new season of Loveline, which she would be fabulous for?