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Which Of Alan Greenspan's More Quotable Quotes Will Bite Him In The Ass On The Big Screen?

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So! We're told that the Wall Street sequel opens with a pre-crisis Alan Greenspan quote that will attempt to make Big Al look bad, before cutting to a shot of Gordon Gekko getting out of jail (unless Oliver Stone decides he's cool with the NC-17 rating in which case we'll get a solid minute of an AG look-alike digging up and fucking the corpse of Ayn Rand). Which will it be? There are so many gems to choose from. We like the lesser known ones, plucked from private conversations, such as the time Greeny suggested to Ben Bernanke a few years back that he take out an adjustable rate mortgage that resets after three years on a house the Beard couldn't otherwise afford, or confessing to Barbara Walters that the one image that made him consistently happy no matter when he thought about it was her "big tits" or the one-liner to brother from another mother, Angelo Mozilo, "This shit is about to get heavy," but it'll probably have to be a more well-known quip. Any ideas?


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