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Who Wants A Yacht? Would Throwing In A Noel Girl Or Two Seal The Deal?

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So that story about Andrés Piedrahita, husband of Corina, son-in-law of Walter, and Fairfield Greenwich exec recently buying a $22 million boat and "cruising the Adriatic" with his wife and friends, appearing to not have a care in the world, while ripped off FFG investors get a crash course in dumpster diving? You got it all wrong! Here's the deal, according to a lawyer for the the worst feeder fund on earth: Piedrahita had already ordered the yacht before the shit hit the fan, and couldn't cancel it. Now, the only reason he's on the thing, is because he's showing it to prospective buyers. You can't expect someone to plunk down 22 mill without going for a test drive, can you? Once someone makes an offer, Piedrahita will turn the money over to Irving Picard, who will distribute it to Madoff/Noel victims. To reiterate, for the Colombian's reading, who want the guy dead: Andrés is not living it up. He cares about your problems, he cares deeply, and if one were a fly on the wall of the boat, it would not be typical around cocktail hour to see him handing his glass to Corina and going "watch this," before doing the worm across the deck to the delight of all passengers. He is heartbroken over what's happened, and in an emotional hole so deep there's few things that could pull him out of it, save for some fresh investor cash or a couple lines of your people's finest. Help him help you.