Why Someone Needs To Step Up And Finance Moneyball


As you're aware, Sony executives canceled Michael Lewis's baseball flick last month, and now the script is getting a re-write by Aaron Sorkin.* It still remains to be seen if this thing's gonna get done, though, which is why we're stepping up to the plate and getting down on our knees to practically beg some hedge fund or otherwise deeply pocketed chump to get behind the film. Why? Because it features a cameo by a certain down on his luck friend of Dealbreaker, who could really use the pick me up (and practice in front of the camera, in preparation for the low budget porn he's probably going to have to start taking part in to make ends meet).

Excerpts From The Scrapped Moneyball Script [Deadspin]
*A preemptive 'fuck you' to Sorkin if you even entertain the idea of cutting LD's scene.



Step Right Up, Folks, And Short These Bonds!

Let us know how it works out for you.