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Will Signed Copies Of Jingle All the Way Save California?

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Personally I think "The San Pedro Beach Bums," in which the governor had a one episode arc as "Muscleman," could fetch more but not sure it's on DVD and might be a bit too indie for the masses. The point is, if you've been considering finally buying a copy of Twins, or Junior, depending on your lifestyle, hold off a few weeks and you could be a hero to the state of California. This is not a drill-- as part of its budget deal, the state, which got the idea from a random kid on Twitter, will be auctioning off signed items from Arnold's personal collection. Of course, if he actually cared about California, Schwarzenegger would be pimping training sessions with himself to the highest bidder but he's a serious politician now and that sort of thing is frowned upon.


The State Of California Will Have To Pry Bill Gross's 90 Minute Long Showers From His Cold, Lifeless Hands

The bond manager apparently has a transcendent shower and if anyone thinks he's gonna give that up because of a little drought in California, they oughta think again!