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Write-Offs: 07.02.09

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$$$US Marshals Seize Madoff Penthouse Property [CBS]
$$$ Sir Stanford's request to unfreeze funds for legal fees denied [FTAlphaville]
$$$ Comment(s) of the Day:
Posted by guest, Jul 02, 2009 11:37AM
The high collar says "I'm a sophisticated lady," but the low cut screams "put it between the bags."
And the response:
Posted by guest, Jul 02, 2009 11:39AM
@15 you think theyre big enough to TF? Looks like she might need to use the hand bridge.
$$$ Job of the Week: A hedge fund is looking for a "brilliant junior programmer." You. [DB Career Center]
$$$SlimJim Factory Explosion Causes Shortages Nationwide [NYP]
$$$ "Around October, when the economy went into free fall, a bunch of out-of-work finance guys in their 20s descended on Buenos Aires, where you can have the penthouse, the steak dinners and the bottle service at ridiculous nightclubs and still save money renting out your apartment in New York or London.
Lifestyle arbitrage, baby! The word got out, and the party built on itself, making the fantasy it offered all the more intoxicating: Come spend a month--or four--in Buenos Aires, where you really are a master of the universe, where nights are sleepless and potential business deals are all scams and the clubs teem with unemployed expat bankers looking for their identities in piles of cocaine and the bloodshot eyes of hookers and thieves." [Playboy]
$$$That's it for us today. We're off tomorrow, have a great weekend, Happy Fourth and if you happen to find yourself setting off illegal fireworks with Cliff Asness, we want to know!