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Write-Offs: 07.10.09

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$$$Lunch With Larry Summers: "As he flips open a plastic box of Caesar salad with grilled chicken and unscrews the cap of a bottle of Diet Coke, Summers makes small talk - his son's killer swing on the golf course, his own weekend tennis plans. But Summers - whom I first met as an undergraduate 20 years ago when I dropped into his office at Harvard to ask about the economic advice he was giving to the leaders of what was then the Soviet Socialist Republic of Lithuania - is not known for his casual conversation." [FT]
$$$Matt Taibbi Gets His Sarah Palin On [The Atlantic]
$$$ Obama Seeks Power for SEC to Prohibit Wall Street Pay Practices [Bloomberg]
$$$Barclays Wants Its Traders And Bankers To Be Less Dirty [clusterstock]
$$$ Dodd, Frank Ask Regulators to Address 2nd Mortgages Valuation Problems that Discourage Loan Modifications [CD]
$$$ UBS drops the whole healthcare war with Lorello/Jefferies thing [Bloomberg]
$$$Job of the Week: Morgan Stanley needs a FIG associate. That could be you. [DB Career Center]
$$$Lenny Dykstra Gets Played Off [Deadspin]