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Write-Offs: 07.13.09

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$$$Cody Willard: "Hey, all you idiot thieving liars at Goldman Sachs - maybe you paid back the $10 billion of welfare money you begged for from the TARP bailouts...but before you pay out a single dollar in bonuses to anybody at your welfare-subsidized institution, how about you pay my sister back the $12 billion in welfare that she sent you through AIG?
And hey, SEC, FINRA and the rest of you worthless regulators who pretend you're protecting us from frauds like Madoff's and Goldman about prosecuting Lloyd Blankfein for fraud or gross negligence? I mean, Blankfein signed off on documents that say his firm's in great financial shape and fully meeting all their capital ratios....when in fact, they had so much junk fraudulently overvalued on their balance sheet that they were actually insolvent and so Blankfein had to go beg for welfare." [MarketWatch]
$$$ Kanjorski Takes Aim at Pay-for-Ratings System [Dealbook]
$$$French workers threaten to blow up plant [FT]
$$$ Darin DeMizio, Ex-Morgan Stanley Broker, Gets 38 Months for Kickbacks [Bloomberg]
$$$ The World's Worst Doorman And Neighbors Watch, Ignore Brawl, At 63 Wall Street [The Awl]
$$$Apollo to Raise $600 Million for Commercial REIT Fund [Bloomberg]
$$$ "U.S. officials are in advanced talks to aid CIT. The discussions are fluid. It remains unclear if a final deal can be brokered and, if so, how expansive it might be." [WSJ]