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Write-Offs: 07.21.09

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$$$Western Union Apologizes After Impostor's Tirade [Bloomberg]
This is what we need more of. From the transcript:
Operator: Your next question comes from the line of Robert Napoli from Piper Jaffray. Please proceed.
(Q - Robert Napoli): Hi, Christina, you are going to jail -- you really -- you [indiscernible] now, and you are going to pay for the corruption. You buy judges [ph] -- you buy everybody. You deserve [indiscernible] just to pull information on people, and I am going to name you and shame you, you bitch, and all of the people surrounding you, especially David Schlapbach, and you know all [indiscernible] with you. So get ready; you both in-charge [indiscernible]. You [indiscernible] a profit user, you bought the case [ph], but I am going to fuck you legally...
$$$ The S&P: Keeping It Real [Standard and Poors]
$$$ Which College Grads Make The Most Money? Supposedly Dartmouth ones, and a bunch of engineers. [The Atlantic]
$$$ The people who run this asylum want you to take this survey. We're told it should be quick and painless.
$$$Most Expensive August Rentals on the Market: Which Will Be Yours? [Curbed]
$$$ Arnold Has Something To Say [via]