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Write-Offs: 07.27.09

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$$$IRS agents tailing UBS banker visits. What, like there's something wrong with that? [NYP]
$$$ Attention budding white collar criminals: Canada is the place you want to be. [CBC]
$$$ FINRA: Sucks at managing money, great at investor letters:
While returns from FINRA's investments were quite positive for the four years prior to 2008, the losses incurred in 2008 erased almost all of those gains. [Reuters]
$$$Killing it in China [Dealbook]
$$$ It's already been widely reported that Tim Geither couldn't sell his house and is now renting it out, so what TG would like to know is why some pissant feels the need to ask "what will happen if he can't find a tenant next time around?" Does he really need this now? [ABC]
$$$Harry Markopolos was recently named CFE of the Year by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners at the group's annual Fraud Conference in Vegas. Naturally Marks was expected to give a speech, which would one might expect to strike some serious notes, given the subject matter, but still remain fairly light. You always want to throw in a few jokes when accepting an award, you know? So what sort of humor do think you'd get from a financial fraud investigator? Borscht Belt? Morbid? Scatological? [Going Concern]
$$$Ron Insana On High Frequency Trading [ZH]