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Write-Offs: 07.29.09

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$$$ Heidi Moore wants every to shut up about Goldman Sachs already. [The Big Money]
$$$ Brazilian Soccer Star Romario Proves that Hating Taxes is a World-Wide Institution [Going Concern]
$$$ Janet Tavakoli has bones to pick with Meredith Whitney, Nassim Taleb and Charlie Gasparino. [PDF]
$$$AIG Not the Resume-Killer You Expected It to Be [Cityfile]
$$$ As to the eternal question of whether it's faster to take Third Avenue or Park Avenue uptown, the former having staggered lights, the latter not, the former RenTec employee equivocated: "It depends on your nature. If you want speed right now, you take Park. If you like to understand a system and maximize it, you take Third. I'm a system guy." [New Yorker]