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You're All Going To Be Famous

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It's pretty obvious that deep inside each one of you lurks a desire to be a thespian that's hard to shake. You claim to be happy just sitting in front of Excel all day but you're lying to yourselves and you're lying to us: you want to see your name in bright lights, or on the call sheet for low budget porn, at the very least, searchable on IMDB. I'm not sure what the barriers to entry for the latter are (you may need to officially be named in the credits of a TV show or film) but there is now a distinct possibility you people are in.

We're not supposed to actually name it but representatives working on the sequel to a movie about Wall Street which originally starred Michael Douglas recently popped by the DB HQ's to do research on what the offices of a "financial website" look like in preparation for building their sets. We've yet to see a script and are not exactly sure how much of a presence this finance-related site will have in the flick (most likely a character will be shown scrolling through during his work day, fingers crossed it's not Shia LaBeouf though, odds are not in our favor) but knowing they'd be taking pictures of our computers, desks, etc, your editor, who is always working for you, made sure to have a tab open to a page that spotlighted the talent you people are sometimes capable of bringing. Will La-B read the line "The high collar says 'I'm a sophisticated lady,' but the low cut screams 'put it between the bags'" aloud to himself and literally laugh out loud? I don't know, but if there's any shred of hope for this thing, the answer is yes.